Boycott Alitalia!

No, this is too much: Alitalia agreed to a request of their workers: since 15th of November Alitalia's Hostesses will be able to weare trousers!
The reason give is "because it's often too cold to wear a skirt". I'm not saying that this is not true but there are other ways to fight the cold and, in any case, i can't accept the fact that a woman would totally forget that she is a woman! That's what it is: hostesses are obviously there to show that they are women, to be proud of that. I fully respect women as i think they are EVERYTHING in the world, nothing would exists without women... but i am talking about women, not women who want to be men!
So what i'm saying is: DO NOT choose Alitalia flights. Just DO NOT. This decision is wrong, it's against women and what women should represent.

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