"My Friend Ele": a shoeplay video series!

Yes, here we are again. RobinUpward gave us eight new gifts. Him and his friend Ele are actually building a sort of Video Series! I have to say, his friend surely looks nice and she does have a good style in playing with her shoes! To be honest, i especially liked the videos where she is standing while playing with her shoes (the same position she has here in the photo)...and i am sure there will be more to come!
The other important news of today is about the Forum. Not a very good one indeed... due to some copyright complaints me and the moderators had to modify the rules and, from now on, we will follow them more strictly. So before posting there any video, be sure to read them. I know some of you won't like these new rules, but we had to do it to try to save the actual existence of "Feet Under The Table".

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