Four years of "Feet Under The Table"

It was the 22nd of October 2002 when "Feet Under The Table" (the website) came online. At that time it was just a way to expand the Yahoo Groups possibilities, and surely it didn't have that many visitors. As far as i remember, in the first year the site never received more than 100/200 visitors per day... a little bit different than the 4.000 it gets now.
I don't know for you guys...but i can easily say that "Feet Under The Table" is now an important part of my life. And this is thanks to all of you who constantly support me with your posts in the forum and your new videos, images and messages. Thank you guys. Thank you!

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At 2:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Four years of going where no other website has dared.

Thank YOU for making this happen.



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