How to capture a picture from a video

It's always nice to add a preview when you post a video somewhere. So here's how you do it:

1. If you already have Irfanview with all the plugins, skip to point 6

2. Download the FREE Irfanview here:

3. Download all the plugins for it here:

4. Install Irfanview

5. Close it and install all the plugins (double click on the downloaded file)

6. Open Irfanview

7. From the File -> Open menu, open the video (remember to select "All files (*.*) on the File Type list)

8. When you want to create a picture, stop the video

9. Click with right button of the mouse on the video image and select "Copy"

10. Select Edit - Paste

11. Select File - Save As, choose "JPG - JPEG files" from the file type list and give a name to that file.

That's all!

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