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A while ago i asked everyone for ideas about a way to create a contest for a FREE premium Rapidshare account. I want to thank everyone who posted ideas there but, sorry me, i think the idea that came to my mind is the way to go (besides..i'm the boss and i can take decisions ;-) )
It will be fun, and it will perhaps bring some people more to "Feet Under The Table". Here are the details.

First of all, i can't say when i'll be able to give the FREE Rapidshare accounts. Right now i can give away 2 of them, and as time passes by, i'll be able to give more. I will keep this post updated with the number of accounts that i can give away, so you'll know.

So, what do you have to do to get a free 30 days Rapidshare account? You need to take a picture or a short video. Yes. You understood right:

- Write on a piece of paper something you like AND the address of this site ( www.nyllover.com ). Use your fantasy, but things like "I love footsies!" are surely nice. Of course it's better if you do this with a computer and a printer, so you can even make it looking nice !

- Put it on a public place (a wall, a car, a gate, anything) and be sure it won't be moved by the wind (use glue or anything you can think of). Of course it could be great if you would put it around a famous place of the town you are in.

- Take a picture (or more pictures, or a video) where you show the place you've put it in and you let us see how big that sign is

- Post it in this thread with the date and the place where you did it

That's all. I will give Free accounts to EVERYONE who will make this, following the order of the posts of course. In the first message of that thread i will keep an updated list of people who are waiting for the account and people who already got it.
That's it. Perhaps i'm just crazy, perhaps i'm stupid...but i think this can be one of the funniest things we will ever do as a community :-)

Ah... just to let you know if a free 30 days Rapidshare account is worth this effort... the price is now 9.99 Euros... what do you think?

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