What's new on "Feet Under The Table"

As i wrote some days ago, i'm going to start writing here on the blog about the updates of the site. If you don't like this, just let me know.
A pretty good update today, especially because i'm excited (and honoured) of the cooperation with HSP. I really love his videos, and i've seen them around the web since a long time! So, a part from the HSP video, here are the new footsie scenes online today:
  • Thanks to MCOL of the "Celebrità in Pantyhose e Collants" forum, the video from the italian film "Yuppies" is online. Federica Moro plays footsies with Jerry Calà wearing high heels shoes and really nice pantyhose!
  • From "Betty Blue" (in original language "37.2° Le Matin") we can see a really nice looking brunette playing footsies with her boyfriend, while they are at lunch. Unfortunately we don't get to see her foot touching him, but it's still a really nice scene (especially for the fact that it shows her removing the shoe...with sound).
  • Thanks to Feeture online also a somehow weird scene, taken from the film "Nympho". It shows two girls that are seducing each other while eating and finishing with playing footsies.

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