Footsie in adverts...finally!

Another update on "Feet Under The Table", as every week actually.
It was a long time since we saw a new footsie scene in an advert so... here we are, with two new adverts! One is of the english company "Scoot", where we can see a blonde woman playing footsies with a "strange character".
The other one is, in my opinion, really really great. Maybe because asian women always have something to make a scene much better..but anyway.. how would you feel if, while you are trying to take a picture of your friend and his girlfriend, she would start playing footsies with you, with her lovely foot in black hose? Well.. "Olympus" shows us to advertise the fact that their cameras stay still even in difficult situations...nice idea indeed!

A part from this a big and special thanks goes to HSP for his new video: "Girlfriend Hosed Toes" a really great one!

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