High Heel shoes hurts? No problem!

Americans.... you gotta love them! Always full of new ideas! Now it's time for a special gym center where women can follow some special programmes to help them in wearing high heels! An instructor guides them in some exercises specifically. The name of the class says it all: "Stiletto Class". One of the instructors says: "Members were coming up to us saying their feet were killing [them]. So we really wanted to develop something where we could strengthen the feet, the ankles, the calves, all the leg muscles".
And it seems to really works! A student there is quite happy with the results "you feel better, you're sexier and absolutely you're thinner".
Dr. Charlton, an orthopaedic surgeon, suggests also some simple exercises like "bring your toe all the way up and you take this opposite hand and massage the area that maximally hurts". Also this doctor says to wear flip flops in moderation because they don't give any support to the foot and are therefore the worst!

Why am i smiling now? Easy...because i love high heels, i love to see women wearing them and i am really happy that someone is actually doing something to help their feet!

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