Flip Flops, i hate you!

Finally, someone in the U.S. said what i've always thought: Flip Flops are OUT. Here in Italy, luckly, this habit of wearing flip flops in office is not so much common but, unfortunately, it IS common to wear them in everyday life. Well, i hate them. As i think some of you know already, i'm a big "fan" of classic woman style: pumps, skirt and, when it's not as hot as in these days (37°C again yesterday...), pantythose. I can of course appreciate some open toed sandals but...flip flops... come on. Flip flops?!?!?! How can they be sexy? No, sorry, not for me.
So in the article i've mentioned above, they say that, according to a recent study, between two women, one dressed classic and one with flip flops, the one who has more chances to advance in her career is the first one. Because she gives a better image of herslef, a more professional one.
Now, in my opinion, this is obvious. But i do appreciate that someone is actually saying that.

So, girls, trash your flip flops, and start dressing better...please :-)

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