"The Fetish Expo": finally open!

Well, i've worked on it for more than a month and now it's online. As i'm sure you've noticed, "Feet Under The Table" has many different sponsors, you can see that by looking at the all different banners around the site. The reason why they are there it's obvious, it's the same reason why the links to Amazon and eBay are there: trying to cover the monthly server costs. If anyone subscribe to one of them, me and the sponsor split up (more or less) the revenue and that helps a lot of course. But i thought that just a simple advert wouldn't have give you enough informations about what those sponsors offer. Because i don't put there ANY website, i try to choose the ones that provide good and unique content, so that if you join them you don't feel like you are loosing money. So that's where "The Fetish Expo" comes: free, exclusive and complete content provided by those sponsors, among with a review written by myself. I hope you will find this section useful and funny and that you'll give me your comments about that or perhaps some feedback about the sites you'll decide to join...
Ah...by the way... i'm quite proud of the sponsors i've managed to get (believe me, it wasn't easy), and i surely have to thank the success of "Feet Under The Table" for these agreements, as i don't think many of these websites would have accepted to provide free content otherwise. Here is a list of the content that will soon come in "The Fetish Expo":

...what do you think?

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