Let's go Azzurri!

Yes, the 2006 FIFA World Cup starts today! For the few of you that doesn't know what it is...well, it's the Football (or Soccer) World Cup, taking place since today (for about a month) in Germany. In Italy we have lots of legal problems with this sport in these days (people like Moggi being asked to answer questions about illegal activities it seems they made to win games), but when it comes to the World cup everything comes second. Every time there is a game with Italy the whole country simply...stops. You don't see anyone in the strees, you don't hear anything a part from the big shouts when Italy scores a goal. I personally think the Azzurri will make a really good torunament but, as always, only the field will reveal the truth. For sure Italy will play these three games of the first part of the tournament (all times in GMT+1):

12th June, 9pm
Italy - Ghana

17th June, 9pm
Italy - United States

22th June, 4pm
Italy - Czech Republic

And to wish everyone a great world cup... here are some beautiful girls who want to show how much they like football...(among the others.... a gorgeousSilvia Saint!)

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