Sorry for the delay!

Yes, this week's update came with a little bit of delay. You need to excuse me, but this long weekend (thanks to the 1st of May holiday) left me not so much free time.  In any case, i hope you are happy with the new videos. Ah, speaking of that: someone wrote me about some problems with the video from "Amnesia". I've told him to download the latest Div-x codec (as this is the solution to these kind of problems in 99% of cases)... can you let me know if you encounter some problems with that video?
One last thing... i would like to thank Robin Upward and his friend Ele. There are no doubts that their videos are always a nice surprise and, moreover, Robin authorized me to put online every new video they will made...so... be ready. As more videos will come soon. If you want to thank him personally, you can do it sending a message to the Yahoo group GiuLeScarpe, the place where all italian shoeplay lovers meet and where...ehm...i'm proud to be a moderator. Robin put there his videos the first time, and he always put them there first.

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At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Dead Parrot said...

Don't worry about being "late". You have a very busy life, and your efforts here are much appreciated by all.
Keep up the great work!

At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...i know i'm on the wrong place for asking...but iv'e got a prob...i have registered in feet under the table...and impossible to login...in the forum...and i can see my nickname...in the list of members...thanks...

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Nyllover said...

to Anonymous:

I don't know. The forum seems to work correctly and if you see your name on the people connected, that means you are connected. Write me an e-mail (you can find the address on the website) and let me know your nickname, i'll see what i can do.


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