No update for 14th May 2006 weekend

As Dead Parrot wrote here , i won't be able to udpate the site this weekend. It happened all very fast. I needed a surgery operation to my nose since a long time, and a month ago i finally decided to "go for it". But italian medical system is slow, very slow...so i was expecting to be able to do it in september, or something like that. Then, this monday, the doctor phoned me saying that there was a "vacancy" for this thursday...so here i am. Back home after 2 nights in hospital with a big nose surrounded by whyte medical bends...God knows how hard it must be for Nyllady to look at me like this...well i know, love changes every view :-)
It's not that easy to work like this, so i've decided to take a rest until half of next week, when they should remove these bends and all should be better.
So...bear with me, but there won't be an update this weekend!

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