Finally, one Rapidshare alternative

Since this last update i've included a new place to download the videos from: Megaupload
It seems quite reliable and they just upgraded their servers so, as far as i can understand, it's not going to disappear from one day to another.
Many people always had problems with Rapidshare, and were demanding for a new place to download the videos. The only down side of it is that a video will be automatically deleted if it's not download by anyone in 30 days. Sooner or later i'll try to implement a system that will let you send me a message as soon as a link is not available, till then please feel free to contact me when you click on a Megaupload link that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Of course just the latest videos are now available from Megaupload, but i'm planning to give this alternative to every video on the site. It will just need quite a long time to do it.

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