Expo-girls, we love you!

I've always loved those pictures taken at the various MotorShow, Smau, My Special Car Show and similar. Pictures of the so called "Race Queens" in Japan, that we simply call "Expo Girls".. in a few words, the main reason why men visit those places.
Of course my main interest was always focused on the thought of the pain those girls are forced to suffer at their feet, trapped in those amazing and marvellous high heels. And yes, the brain keeps going to the moment when, exausted, they finally enjoy some wild shoeplay in the form of some dipping, dangling, and similar: that's the moment most of us (foot fetishists) love and dream of.
Obviously, since Nyllady came into my life, my "physical" interest in those ladies disappeared completely, but my interest in those kind of photos is still there and for this reason i started a new topic in the forum dedicated to them.
Till now i've put there only photos i've found on the net, but soon i'll copy there all the photos that i taken personally. Not so many people posted pictures there till now, and i do hope some of you who are reading this now will do so... who knows... maybe that topic will be the "Expo Girls Encyplopedia"... ok maybe i'm exagerating a bit... but come on, it wouldn't be bad to have thousands of photos there!

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