A blog...why?

People who know "Feet Under The Table" will probably start reading this asking to themselves "Is there the need of a blog? Didn't you already have the Forum to communicate with us?". Right, that's right. But a blog is something more personal than a Forum, more generic. I don't have to follow any specific rules, but i can write here anything i like.
So now you will ask "So? Why should we be interested?". Well you don't "have" to of course. I will just use this blog (and the italian version of it) as a sort of diary: the webmaster's diary.
Right now i don't know if this will have any chances to be interesting for someone...but well...in the end...it's a blog. And that's what a blog should be: a place to put your mind in words. Nothing more, nothing less.
This is the first message, and i hope it will be the first of many.

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At 3:08 AM, Anonymous Dead Parrot said...

What a wonderful surprise to see you've added a blog!

Yes, I agree that this format is much more personal than the forum, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Keep up the great work!



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