posted by Nyllover on May 13

PetraFeet.comHave you ever dreamed to have a chance to make ANY question to a foot fetish model? Do you want to see her face while she answers your question, hear your answer directly from her voice, look at her while she answers?


Well this is your chance. Petra, a 19 years old foot fetish model, will be the star of an upcoming video interview, where she will answer all the questions you want!


So what are you waiting for? Post your question as a comment to this article, and don’t worry if it’s in italian…the final interview will have subtitles!








posted by Nyllover on Dec 3

Petra is the newest model on She’s not even 19 years old, but she is old enough to drive ANY man crazy. Her look can melt ice, her feet would be the dream of ANY foot fetishist…her legs are long and firm… what else? Enjoy this video and these pictures…and don’t forget to catch her on all PiediWeb sites…






posted by Nyllover on May 29

Here it is, the exclusive interview that Valentina from published a few days ago.

Video is available both in italian and italian with english subtitles so…have fun!


posted by Nyllover on May 1

We all have a foot fetish here, don’t we? And that’s why i jumped on my chair when i saw this video. Amazing models, fantastic video quality and well…a video made with some truly high editing skills..don’t you think? Occhiolino


posted by Nyllover on Mar 29

As i think you all know, in all these years (i think about 10 now) i have been using (and paying) a RapidShare account to keep all the videos online. Well, today i found out that, i don’t know since when, Rapidshare blocked my PAID account.


I am trying to contact them and see if i can restore it, if not i will need another solution to host those files and any help or suggestion is more than welcome.

Feel free to comment this article with any suggestion you may have.